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What is Essay?

An essay is a piece of writing that aims to represent a certain idea or point of view. It is a non-fictional piece of writing. The main idea or question can be about politics, art, or a variety of personal opinions. An essay is such a popular piece of writing nowadays. It has a lot of types and variations.
Talking about the size of the essay, it can differ. It ranges from 500 words up to 5000, or even more. The golden standard for the essay is 1000 or 2000 words. This sizing is perfect as it allows the writer to develop thought and open up the topic.
Despite the fact that there are quite a few types and purposes of the essay, they all have a similar structure. The structure of the essay contains a few paragraphs. As a rule, an essay divides into the introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion.
The introduction paragraph is always the beginning of the essay. You should make sure to introduce a person to a topic and to state a point of the writing. A helpful tip will be to make the introduction interesting and engaging in order to spark interest.

The body paragraph follows the introduction. This is the main body of the essay. It focuses on the main idea. It should be organized in a logical way. The body paragraph should defend or deny the main idea of the writing. The body of the essay should develop the idea. Make sure that your point of view is clear to the reader.

The conclusion is of course the last paragraph of any type of essay. You should wrap up all the information and ideas of your writing.
The essay is one of the most popular pieces of writing. It is usually assigned as homework to students. They are classified as a subjective piece of writings. They can include expository elements and can be based on personal stories to prove the point of the topic as well. It is a perfect short piece of writing form to tell your story or prove the point.

An essay can be also classified in the following way:
• Five paragraph essay. One of the most common formal types of essays.
• Argumentative essay. These essays are usually used to talk about controversial issues.
• Compare and contrast essay. People choose this type of essay when they need to compare 2 poems or identify the similarities and differences of something.
• Definition essay. This type of essay defines one particular term or concept in a lot of details.
• Illustration essay. This is a pretty basic essay type as it provides information from a technical standpoint. It describes the idea with the help of proper research.
• Narrative essay. This type of essay describes a certain event or experience, be at a historical date or any other period of time.
• Persuasive essay. The purpose of this essay is to give the reader a whole view on a certain topic in order to persuade the reader to adapt to a certain point of view. 

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